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Hennither Gant is a warm, engaging speaker who intertwines HR expertise with entertaining stories and insightful observations.  Audiences love her for she provides abundant information and knowledge in an interesting manner.  Her enthusiasm for the management of people in the workplace makes her a sought-after panelist, trainer, and keynoter. Hennither’s expertise stems from her role as owner and chief human resources officer of the Baltimore-based firm Career Image Solutions.  Hennither is particularly passionate about issues of hiring, career development, diversity, gender, cultural sensitivity, and performance management.  When issues arise with her clients’ employees, she implements innovative and creative solutions.
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Living In My Purpose

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Living in My Purpose Finding my purpose was hard and took a lot of intentional experiences mixed with grace. Now that I am clear on what my purpose is, I decided to live in it, and the work is even harder, to be honest.  Living in purpose, for me, is the difference between being pregnant versus taking care of a baby at home. While [...]

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The Forgotten New Hire Documents

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The Forgotten New Hire Documents It takes a lot to run a small business. Doing everything alone until you can build a profit to pay employees can be frustrating. It’s important that when you get to the point of hiring new employees, that you don’t miss anything. It’s best to have an HR team and an employment lawyer. This will keep you from [...]

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If You Have Staff, You Need HR

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Businesses with 20+ employees understand the significance of having a professional handle their HR functions especially when it comes to performance issues, policy development, terminations, salary negotiations, unemployment hearings and more.  However, new businesses or those with 1 to 5 employees tend to think that they don’t need HR. One of their biggest concerns is that they don’t think that HR is needed [...]

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Act Like a Business – Creating Your Personal Brand

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Jay-Z once stated, “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” Gone are the days where your title and the company that you worked for define who you are. With the internet and social media, people can brand themselves and open the doors to opportunities that may not have been possible ten years ago. Inventing and re-inventing themselves whenever they find a new [...]

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Why Aren’t Jobs Calling Me Back

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While this does not happen to everyone, most career professionals experience the awkward wait after applying for a position and after a month goes by, wondering why they never called you back!  How rude, right?!   Well, I’m going to share some nuggets regarding why some recruiters and/or hiring managers are not calling you back:     TIME: They are completely swamped with [...]

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Hiring Interns

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As a small business owner, you might be experiencing growth spurts that require additional help. One of the first options that many think about are interns. An intern is a student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, at a trade or occupation in order to gain work experience. While hiring an intern can be a great way to get some help that [...]

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Let Your Resume Shine

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    Everyone knows what a resume is, but not everyone knows that certain things are mandatory when dealing with resumes. To most, they seem like common sense, but we’ll spell them out anyway just in case there is someone reading who does not know.       Make a Great First Impression – Show the employer that you are the ideal candidate [...]

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Do This Before Your Employee Leaves

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Whether your employee quit or you had to terminate their employment, remember that everyone that enters and exits your company can potentially be an ambassador about how good or bad your company is. Unless the employee is being terminated for gross misconduct, you want to still treat them with respect because the last impressions affect people the most.   So the next time [...]