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Hiring Interns the Right Way

Been thinking about hiring interns this summer but don't know where to start? A little nervous about hiring because you don't have a location? We address all this and more in this webinar.


  • Get clear about the federal, state & local laws around hiring interns
  • Learn whether or not you should pay your interns
  • Get the scoop on how to hire interns without having an office
  • Determine what type of work your interns should be doing
  • Discover the documents you need to get started right away
  • Explore how to keep your intern excited


Plus Q&A

Join Hennither Gant, "The HR Lady", as she leads you in the discussion about what every growing business needs to know about hiring interns. Free help is not always the best if you don't have the necessary protocols in place. Get empowered and equipped to learn all you need to hire you next intern before the summer.
April 25, 2019 @ 1 pm
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