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At Career Image Solutions, we are YOUR HR!  Our team leverages our experience in HR and business, to provide “all things HR” for career professionals and businesses. We began our firm based on a need that we saw in the marketplace for competent HR and career development consultation and strategy. We are based in Maryland but serve clients internationally through career services, training, strategy, recruitment and HR business compliance.

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Clients That We’ve Worked With

Hennither gave an OUTSTANDING workshop to our parents and employees! She was energized, professional, and engaging.
Trayvon Harris, Seed School Maryland
Career Image Solutions is very gifted when it comes to HR. During our session we had the conversation about hiring that I was both overwhelmed by and sort of avoiding because of the responsibility attached to it. Not only did they show me that hiring was necessary but she simplified the steps to making it possible. I can proudly say that I have was able to properly onboard my volunteers, set up my upcoming contractor, create an operation agreement that I am proud of and I will be hiring my first employee by the end the year. There are some opportunities that just don’t show up until we get into position. Thank you Career Image for the positioning!
Tiona Blyden, Proverbs 31 Boss Academy
We reached out to Career Image Solutions because of their strong reputation of excellence in delivering HR Business Solutions and they delivered! In the midst of COVID-19, they helped us with DEI consultation while establishing hiring and onboarding systems for our firm and even staffed our new virtual team member. They provided us with customized solutions that are steeped in best practices and focus on addressing and mitigating business challenges, promote DEI conscience work environments; improve organizations efficiency and cost savings; and increase customer satisfaction. They provided a HUGE value proposition and an even bigger return on our investment. I highly recommend Hennither and Career-Image Solutions.
Dr. Claudia Coker, CEO & Founder, C. F. Coker & Associates

We have served hundreds of professionals in the following industries:  Consulting, Military, Federal Government, State Government, Education, Business, Finance, Accounting, IT, HR, Healthcare Administration, Medical, Public Relations. Career Image Solutions is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. I didn’t want to pay the cost at first, but the return on investment is PRICELESS.

T. Whitaker, CIS Client

At a time when we needed recruitment assistance we turned to Career Image and they provided the necessary support and resources that helped us to secure qualified staff. Since then our confidence level has been elevated in the process and we are able to follow the helpful blueprint they provided.

Q. Smith, Creative Development Studios

CIS is the bomb. I had been trying to break into federal government for years. With their assistance, support, and belief in me, I went from all rejections to more interviews and finally landing my first federal job earning nearly a six figure income!! My life has forever been changed.

Melissa T., CIS Client

Career Image Solutions representatives have assisted me in becoming more accountable when it comes to my own personal vision. This company assisted me with my resume that lead me to remember each time I communication I have 7 second to make my first impression, indulge at any social outings remember that I am always being interviewed, looked up to as a leader, being set up to market myself and be a strategic thinker for the next dimension of my achievable goals or aspirations…”

I. Reid, CIS Client

“Career Image Solutions is absolutely incredible! They listened to me share how my organization is growing and was able to perfectly prescribed what type of staffing was needed to be in alignment with our growth. We have since used her recommendation and began building our team. The results have been amazing and there is no way we could have done it without her expertise.”

Tiffany Bethea, Kingdom Boss

As a Financial professional, I know that my resume needed to look a certain way and read a certain way. They did a phenomenal job in taking what I provided them with and bringing it to life on steroids. I’ve already received calls for interviews and offers for employment!

R. Jones, Jr., CIS Client

My husband introduced me to CIS because of the great work they did on his government resume. Needless to say, the same holds true for me and my private sector resume. Flawless.

Stacey Black, CIS Client

Career Image Solutions opened my eyes to a wide varieties of HR solution for my company and provided me with valuable feedback needed to improve my on boarding process.  Thank you! Because of the services provided to me, I was able to create a financial guide to help people become better managers of their finances.

Z. Kamara, CIS Client

I am appreciative of the services that this company has provided me and those whom I have referred. Even after serving my resume needs, their Legal Shield services have also blessed us. Thank you so much!

Telik Johnson, CIS Client