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Let Your Resume Shine



Everyone knows what a resume is, but not everyone knows that certain things are mandatory when dealing with resumes. To most, they seem like common sense, but we’ll spell them out anyway just in case there is someone reading who does not know.




  1. Make a Great First Impression – Show the employer that you are the ideal candidate with a well written, organized and concise resume and cover letter that is perfectly tailored for their position directly.
  2. Use Spell Check – This sounds like common sense, right? You would be surprised how many applicants submit resumes to HR with all kinds of grammatical errors killing their chances of obtaining an interview.
  3. Use Other People – Spell check is computer-based and although it will catch many errors it will not catch them all. Why not have your own personal committee who will help and review your resume along with you. They may catch mistakes that you as the writer may have overlooked.
  4. Utilize Key Words – This is your bread and butter. The job announcement or job posting is filled with the magical keywords and key phrases that HR will be looking for within your resume. It is in your best interest to identify them and make them appear all over your resume where they fit in past jobs as well as your present position.
  5. Focus on Accomplishments – Here is where you can make your biggest impact. Your competitors most of the time are just listing their routine duties. You can go above and beyond by showing the employer your accomplishments on the job. Break out statistics. Show how you serve over 500 customers weekly or how you facilitate 4 workshops on a monthly basis. Whatever your line of work or profession, identify how you can stand out from the pack with achievements or accomplishments.

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